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The Void Is a large biome that is part of the Crater Edge, just on the outer side of it. Very few things can live here, only microscopic organisms and those of the Leviathan Class can survive here.


The Void is an ecological dead zone with very little biodiversity. Entering the Void is ill-advised, due to the extremely deadly Leviathans living there. The Leviathans can and will destroy you and your vehicles, one of which will insta-kill any life passing 8000 meters.


There are two Demon Leviathan skeletons residing on the cliff. There is also an abandoned Void Research Facility. The only other special location is the 8000 meter mark. at 800,052 meters deep, you will find the thing


  • Void Optic Leviathan
  • Demon Leviathans - two Demon Leviathans will spawn in the first 500m of the void. After that the Void Optic Leviathan will begin to reach up and attempt to grab the player and the Demon Leviathans will stay back.
  • Juvenile Grand Demon Leviathan Skeletons - two skeletons can be found on ridges seeming to have been killed by the Void Optic Leviathan crushing them.


Since there is no land to grow on, the Void is the only biome with no Flora, unique or not.


Notes & Trivia

  • The Void is a part of the Crater Edge on the outside of the crater.
  • The Void is the deepest biome in Subnautica: Frontier.